A very good thing happened today in Cuba

Today was the day of the 80-85 pound tarpon. Wow. That was pretty much one of the most amazing tings I’ve encountered.

A fish like this makes you realize the game-stepping up that a big tarpon requires.  Things like you backing knot all of a sudden become really important.  You start to think about exactly how hard you can crank that drag. You start to really, really regret having 20 pound backing because you couldn’t get to the fly shop before you left and you thought the fish would be… smaller.

Photo by Jim Klug, Tarpon by Cuba

This was the only tarpon landed by me today. I fed 4, jumped 2, landed 1. It was pretty frigging amazing.

For some reason I can’t connect to the internet anymore on my computer, so I’m using another guest’s computer, so I’ll give more photos and more details when I can.

Also caught a couple of bones today, but this tarpon is clearly the highlight of the day (trip?).

Pretty frigging happy right now.

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  1. Well done…the power in these fish is incredible…and the skill (but mostly luck) required to land one is even more incredible. You can put a feather in that funky orange hat of yours.

  2. David de Luca

    WOO HOO Well done must be soooooo good ,I reckon you have to go for the slam (and then the tat chics dig tats)

  3. bonefishbjorn

    It was pretty amazing when it all came together. I have a whole new respect for tarpon and tarpon anglers.

  4. for all those who can’t make it to Cuba, keep in mind the worm hatch in the Florida Keys. Taking place around the first big moon in June, the small red Paloa worm attracts masses of fish and send them into a frenzy. Jumping a dozen fish a night is not unusual.

  5. Outstanding work, Bjorn.

    And the cherry on top is the fact that Jim was there to take some amazing photos of the whole experience.

  6. Congrats! That’s a nice fish! I know that one made your trip!

  7. I am so happy for you right now!!! Way to go!!!!!

  8. Am I looking at the photo wrong or are you also holding a cigar in your right hand?

  9. Don’t know if all of you heard, but Jose Wajebe a.k.a. “Spanish Fly” died in a plane crash in Everglades City on Friday. Jose was a Cuban Emigree.

  10. Thanks all. It was pretty amazing.
    BoneDaddy, yeah, we heard that. One of the guest knew him and even flew in that plane. Sad loss.
    Pete – turtle grass, but it would be fitting, wouldn’t it?
    Frank – Thanks man. We need to catch up.
    WHAT a trip!

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