A word on casting… but not from me

I was watching a video of a guy fishing in Cuba. Love Cuba. Beautiful place and the fishing? Please.

However, hated the guy’s casting. It was painful. Jerky. The opposite of smooth. I was almost offended.

You ever had a Bahamain guide borrow your rod and cast, effortlessly, the whole damn line? Yeah… I have. Humbling.

Here is a Caribbean guide with some pointers (and yes, that is Davin, from Flatswalker).


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  1. Davin is the man. Check out his explanation of “Taming the Wind” if you haven’t already seen it. Does a great job explaining another way to cast in windy conditions.

  2. great tip! especially for us stream trout fisherman. seems like I have to re -learn that every time I get back on the ocean. I end up missing a few buy trying to set the hook with the rod instead of the line.

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