Eyes for Flies

I got sent some of the Eyes-N-Tubes and I have to say… I now officially love them. I’ve been trying a lot of big flies, eyes in back flies… EP Shrimp, Peterson Shrimp, Revers Gotchas… that sort of thing and the ease of tying, the consistency of the eyes is remarkable.

I’m a fan… I need to catch a fish on one of these flies. Has to happen.

Yes... I like these.

Yes… I like these.

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  1. Bjorn So happy you like the eyes-n-tubes. We are selling them all over the world to folks that are fishing for an array of fish species.
    We are presently experimenting with balanced stone flies using the eyes-n-tubes technology. Great success on Steelhead and Brown trout . One can only guess where it might go from here. We really look forward to what you might create and catch with them. Thanks again for giving them a try…. Kenzie

  2. Hi Bjorn,

    Soon, we’ll be able to purchase every “pre manufactured” material/ ingredient for almost any fly we could possibly comprehend. Crab bodies, claws, stonefly bodies with legs, baitfish bodies/heads, twister tails etc.

    Understandably, the goal may to be to make fly production simpler and quicker…but what happens to craftsmanship, creativity and innovation in fly tying as a result? I don’t mind burning mono or stringing glass beads and coating with epoxy for hours on end to create home-made eyes…it’s all part of the creative process to me.

    Don’t get me wrong, the eyes-n-tubes look great…I just believe using them would remove an important creative aspect from my own personal fly tying.


  3. Hey Henry, I can understand what you are saying. For me, I never really enjoyed the process of making or using mono eyes. These have kind of gotten me past a roadblock and have let me be more creative and focused on other aspects of tying. So, for me it has actually allowed creativity and experimentation.

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