Aaron Adams on Fly Size

A bit on fly selection when it comes to size, from the guru of bonefish, Aaron Adams.  This is particularly important given my upcoming trip to Andros.

No matter the size of the bonefish, the tendency will be to eat whatever will fit in the mouth and down the gullet. Bonefish live in a world where a lot of work is required to eat enough to keep their engine running. All of that grubbing in the bottom and eating prey with shells means that for every piece of good food they also ingest undigestibles like sediment and shells. So a bigger meal with less work presents a great advantage.

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I want to be Aaron when I grow up.

OK... that's a #1... should be a rather big meal there.

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  1. Nice looking fly. My guide buddy in Cayman has been hitting all his on white Crazy Charlies recently, even over grass. Nuts, right? I haven’t used a Crazy Charlie in a couple years now, but I guess there are times when they drive the fish, well, Crazy. Anyways, don’t forget some simple ties like the standard Gotcha, Gotcha Clouser, and the Crazy Charlie. You might be happy.

  2. I was just at the vice tying up some simple, tan Gotcha’s in a #2. Figure so much of what I have in the boxes has a little dash of color here, rubber legs there, bright thread or krystal flash or… well… what if they just want tan? So… I’m putting some plain, plain flies in there.

  3. Good on ya! Cover all the bases, that’s what I’d do. I remember the first time I went to the Bahamas–Exuma–I tied like a half-dozen of every fly ever recommended for that place. Had hundreds. When I showed them to the guide the only thing he said was, “Pretty, man… you have any more Gotchas?”
    “Um, no.”
    “It’s a’right, man, jes’ don’ break too many off.”
    “Kay… shit.”

  4. That’s the way it goes, isn’t it? You tie up bunches of 8 different patterns, but the ones they want you have the fewest of. Go figure. I’m trying to be prepared… which I won’t be, of course.

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