Bonefish Flies for South Andros by Idylwilde

This is from Deneki, of course, as they present 5 Idylwilde patterns for South Andros.  You have to like the Idylwilde blog… the tag line is “Marinated in Awesomeness.”

Nice tie from the Idylwilde folks.

5. Paulson’s Bunky Shrimp: This little pattern, in sizes 4& 6, is a uniquely tied “shrimpy” pattern. I used this last May to great success on the shallower East side flats when we were hammering the bones coming out of the inland mangroves. It turns over delicately at distance and the braid over the top of the body helps to keep it gack-free.

via Bonefish Flies for South Andros by Idylwilde.

These patterns all look pretty interesting to me.  I’ve noticed touches of orange or pink in most all of these, as well as, in general, a generous helping of rubber legs.  This particular fly, the Paulson’s Bunky Shrimp, doesn’t have the rubber legs, but… well… it could, I suppose.  A unique looking offering and I’ve been trying to tie up some approximations.

Voila... legs.

Maybe the legs are a bit long, but I figure it is better to start long and trim.  I once (a LONG time ago) was getting a haircut and was asked if I wanted more or less hair.  Yeah… start with more and trim back, harder to go the other way.

I’m still busy at the vice… still trying to fill up my boxes with goodness and flies I have confidence in throwing.  I figure I pulled 40 flies out of my two bonefish boxes… flies I just wasn’t feeling.

Tying is fun.  What can I say?

Seeing a post over at Michael Gracie’s about the same, exact fly.  His version looks good.

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  1. Nice! Thanks for posting.

    Do you happen to know if anyone sells these as a boxed assortment? I looked on Bud Lilly’s and the Fly Shop’s sites, but didn’t see one.



  2. I don’t know if anyone does, but I’d think they’d be happy to put an assortment together for you. They seem like pretty good guys.

  3. Tie big flies! Scrap the size 6s and 8s. Tie 2s and 4s! Little fish will eat big flies too, but big fish often pass by the little flies.

  4. I’m mostly tying 2’s and 4’s, with a few 6’s and a few 1’s and 1/0’s. Some big uglies in there as well. I’ll have some beeg flies in the mix for sure.

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