An Acklins Option

Saw a new-to-me Acklins option, Salina Point Lodge.  You’ll actually find them on VRBO and they have a very nice deal going right now.

This won’t be available forever, but they are offering $630 (double occupancy) for a week of self-guided fishing.  They will feed you, house you, drive you out to  a flat, leave you there and pick you up later… and they’ll do that for a week.

If there is a heaven and I go there, it will look something like that.

Basically, you don’t need anything else once you are there (well, except Kalik, which I don’t think is included, so, add another $100).

Go, bring a friend, fish hard, sleep easy and enjoy Acklins.

I wish I was here.

Cheap and Bonefish can get along… see?!  I told you so.

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  1. Hey Bjorn,

    You didn’t mention that the daily “drop-off/pick-up” is by water (boat shuttle) deep into the “Bight of Acklins” (normally a surcharge I believe) which by the way, Salina Pt. Lodge is quite well situated to access. “Stupid Bones”…meaning, Bonefish being bonefish…not skittery Key Biscayne or Eleuthera’s notorious fussy fish. Felton just recently finished construction of this bonefishy hideaway and I imagine is offering the deal as a way to balance the books at a “break-even” point and to keep the bankers at bay as well as to attract new customers. Grab the deal while you can folks…check out the threads on “” and read about the place for yourself. I almost pulled the trigger on this offer for next week but the stars just didn’t align for me. Couldn’t find a partner to share the experience…DOH!!! This is not the type of trip for a loner. Heck, who’s going to take photo’s of me holding all those pretty 6+lber’s?

    Regards, and great Blog Bjorn!


  2. bonefishbjorn

    I wish I were going to Acklins for this myself… sounds like one heck of a deal.

  3. Just lovely….Acklins! Only heaven is better.

  4. Dude, SWEET! Wish I could do that, but I’ve already dropped the bank on my annual Keys tarpon trip… although this year I’ll probably try to mix that up with a few shots at permit. I got a good shot last year on a tarpon flat and had several hard (OMG-my-heart’s-about-to-explode) follows. But, no eats. SOP.

    Been spending some time on Google earth, though, and Acklins looks good. Hey, Felton, are there any bigger bones around those parts? I’ve seen most of the pics on, and they mostly show schoolie bones to (maybe) 4 pounds. I mean, nothing wrong with that. (I’ll bring my 5 weight.) Just wondering.

  5. Windknot, here is Juro’s take on the size of the bones around Acklins…

    ‘On our recent journey to Salinas Lodge the water shuttle dropped us right in the lap of some of the most untouched bonefish territory you’ll ever see. Much of this population was completely un-jaded and responsive whether tailing, screaming across a flat, or scrumming along the eel grass. There are also double digit singles if you can pull yourself away from the entertainment from average sized bones which has proven to be difficult from anyone I’ve ever been with out there. These big fish are always willing to provide much challenge if you get bored with the 3-6 pound fish.’

    In other words, you can find big bone fish!!!!

  6. Henry Will- Can always give me a call. Hate to turn down such incredible photo opps!! Might even have to take a cast or two!! Hows mid Feb? Felton that rate still apply? Party of two for at least aweek

  7. The rates have changed, but they are still a very good bargin!

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