F*CK BP – Skinny Water Culture Style


The guys over at Skinny Water Culture have a message that I think most of us would agree with.  A portion of the proceeds ($10 a shirt) from these shirts will go to folks helping with the clean up and recovery from this clusterfuque of an oil spill (Mobile Bay Keepers).  The shirt is $24 and should be available today.  I’m ordering mine now.

Skinny Water Culture

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust BP Spill Updates

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  1. Very nice! I’d cut the sleeves off of mine though….

  2. bonefishbjorn

    It went live last night, I bought one. I’m more of a “leave the sleeves on” kind of t-shirt guy though.

  3. Bjorn, thanks for posting that man! I really hope it goes viral so that we can somehow get BP to notice that we are not laying down to their BS. We have already sold a few, which means that we are on our way to getting at least a little $ raised for the cause. Thanks again.

    I am actually pretty damn proud that we had it posted here before anywhere else. Your blog is the best on the net mang!

  4. bonefishbjorn

    Hey Vince, I really appreciate the kind words. I really love what you guys are doing, love the products you are putting out and am so happy to see you guys doing something on the spill. Keep up the good work.

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