Anna Atoll in French Polynesia – Scott Mitchell

I was wondering what other little gems there might be in the South Pacific.  I’m sure there are a loot of them out there, just as I am sure that more than a few of those gems have been or are being destroyed by netting… those are the days we are living in.

I found this site with a story about Anna Atoll (my daughter’s name is Anna, so it caught my eye, although they later refer to it as Anaa).

I cast a metre ahead of the fish and did not have time to react as the bone bolted to the fly, took it and departed so fast I didn’t see the loop in the line go around the butt of the rod. It was all over in seconds with the 6 kg tippet breaking so sharply that the line recoil-ed back up the rod.

via See the whole post here – GREAT EXPECTATIONS.

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