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Back the 4th of July I posted up a little story about bonefish on the far-far away atoll of Palmyra in the South Pacific.  The New York Times has finally caught up with my semi-journalistic prowess and put up a great little story about the atoll, complete with some links to some more conservation goodness.  Check it out.

United States Fish and Wildlife Service and Palmyra Atoll Research Consortium institutions hope to restore the lagoon system. Researchers have mapped changes in the atoll through time and are measuring water flow and the amount of silt suspended in the water to determine how these factors affect biodiversity.

via World War II Still Shapes Atoll’s Ecosystem – Scientist at Work Blog –

There's bones there.

That's US soil there.

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  1. Dude, every morning I get up, grab a cup of (way too sweet, way to creamy) coffee, check my email, then check your site. I’m not sure there’s another fish (or site) out there that could hold my attention this way… and you keep doing it every…single…day. Amazing.

    Don’t ever think about quitting.

  2. Thanks. I really appreciate that. I try to make something I want to read. I am glad to know others like it too.

  3. Palmyra Atoll is not a possession of TNC…the island is a US Territorial Island under the protections of the US FEDERAL Directorate of the USF&W Services to be more specific. Biological/Scientific Research studies are obvious.

  4. yeah, I don’t think I implied it was TNC’s property. It does seem like they have a great deal of sway on who can fish it and how, or, at least they did when I last looked into things, which by the looks of it was about 5 years ago. It seems awesome. I’d love to fish it.

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