Bahamas Regulations Coming to a Vote??

Just saw this…

Um... damn.

Um… damn.

This does not sound great. First, it does not sound great because the news comes from the mouth of Minister Gray, an individual who has shown nothing but hostility toward DIY anglers/tourists.

Second, it does not sound great because no one I know has seen a revised draft. Given the absolutely craptastic first and second drafts of this thing, hearing there is a third does nothing to make me feel at ease.

I’m working the channels to learn what I can about the proposal and how real this news is. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Ugh. Thanks for keeping up with this. Gray’s quote in the Tribune article makes me worry: “I believe that having regard to all that happened, the Bahamian people will be very proud of the Government’s decision to protect the industry.”

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