It is on!

I have a trip on the books and it is right quick.

I’ll be returning to Abaco here in just about a month, spending a couple of days at Abaco Lodge and then trying to find some of my own fish and I’ll be accompanied by friend and political opposite Aaron, who was one of the anglers I brought to Long Island a couple years ago.

I’m looking forward to being back in the Bahamas and to get to know Abaco a little bit more. We had such a fast and busy first meeting, this one should be a little more relaxed.

Now down to business… my fly tying desk has not been unpacked and is still in the garage. That could be a problem. I have a few hundred flies I should be tying right about now!

Tickets purchased and fees paid. I’m going to Abaco.

Tickets purchased. That means it is real.

Tickets purchased. That means it is real.

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  1. Passing on some sage advice from a fellow fly fisher: ” Stick a Gotcha in your pocket and go fishing.” Pretty much says it all. Keep it simple. Don’t stress. Don’t make it more than it is. And have a good time.

    PS: I’ll lend you my bonefish box as long as you promise to send it back.

  2. Way to go-you need some dedicated bonefishing time. What’s a buddy who is a “political opponent?” I try to carry Rod Hamilton’s flies in one box with a few extra boxes for reloads. Also bring your tying set up.

  3. Aaron and I just shouldn’t talk politics. We get along very well in the absence of red or blue and that’s going to be the rule on the trip!

  4. I have hundreds of flies… the question is if I have the flies I actually want!

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