Be careful out there

I got this email from one of the Long Island fishing crew. It made me laugh. It seems like for most of my big trips in recent years I have come down with some sort of bug just prior to leaving. I think I’m good this year, but there is always a chance for things to go horribly wrong before a big trip. Here’s the list of things to watch out for.

Good advice, y'all.
Good advice, y’all.

Just a reminder that for the next week or so you might want to avoid:

– Moving furniture around

– Making that “one last run” down the double black diamond Widow Maker run

– Can lids, knives, glass, razor blades, other sharp objects

– Ladders

– Electricity, lightning and hail larger than a pea

– Proving the steroid-fueled, tattooed gym rats that you can lift anything they can lift (it’s nothing personal if any of you happen to be a steroid-fueled, tattooed gym rat)

– Feeding or taking food away from large carnivorous animals, small carnivorous animals, angry birds, essentially anything meaner than an earthworm

– Bicycling on roads that are still covered in traction gravel, ice or snow

– Trying that new (fill in the blank) ________ restaurant for which you got a coupon from that strange little man with the dreadlocks who was standing outside the pet store

– Large groups of elementary school aged kids

– Un-ergonomically correct body positions and movement while (a) getting your empty bag down from the storage shelf in the garage; (b) lifting and putting the soon to be filled bag which weighs 50 lbs or less into the boot of your ute; and (c) bending over and reaching for anything, even that pencil that rolled off the table, it can stay there until after our trip

Stay safe out there folks!


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  1. It made me laugh too. It also made me skip my poker night last night. Those people may have germs.

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