Can I get a disable sticker for this?

It sure feels like something is wrong with my mental state.

That's a lot of fur and thread.
That’s a lot of fur and thread.

These are the flies I’m bringing to Long Island, but I can’t help but feel like I should be tying more. I feel like I might be missing something here and I’ll end up on a flat with an 8 pound bonefish (unlikely on Long, but it’s my fantasy, so I’m just going to roll with it) cruising up ahead and the guide is going to ask for the one fly I don’t have.

The shot will be lost.

I’ll probably cry a little bit. Not a lot and mostly on the inside.

The funny thing is I think I usually end up using 12-14 flies in a week of bonefishing. It usually doesn’t matter that much what you are throwing as long as it is about the right size and isn’t in some crazy color. It is more HOW you fish something, and yet I am still filled with a degree of anxiety.

Maybe I should get back to the vice…


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  1. Whatever you don’t end up using, send my way…ok?
    You look well armed…8 pound bones beware.

  2. You’re well prepared for Bonefish Fly Poker for sure.

  3. We need a sign; “Hey bonefish! We have thousands of flies right here for the taking, in every size and color you can imagine! Get yours today! (Additional stock on hand).

  4. Jeff Rodenberg

    Amigo – we are peas in a pod. I leave on Monday for a 2-week honeymoon in Placencia Belize. My lovely wife Sara has consented to a couple guided days after permit, as well as some early morning strolls (as long as I don’t wake her up) for fishing. I’ve packed two 8-weights, a 9-weight, and 3 Plano model 3601 boxes loaded with crabby pattys, avalons, bauer fur crabs, puffs, clousers, baby tarpon bunnies and other assorted goodies (couldn’t figure out how to attach the photo), which I’ll download into pocket-sized fly boxes as needed. And I still have a couple days to tie…I also have a spinning rod stashed away with a half dozen tube lures for cuda. In short, your mental state is in perfect (dis)order!

    Good luck on Long Island – had I not had Belize planned, I’d have attempted to weasel my way into sloshing around Long with your crew. Keep an eye on that Jeffries dude, he’s a pretty good tier (and caster), but I wouldn’t put him above getting a couple fingers in one of your fly boxes – especially if he’s been nipping at the Azul….

  5. Belize for a honeymoon… that sounds familiar! Have a great time down there!

    Long… looking forward to it and I’ll keep and eye on that Jefferies character!

  6. Your guide’s first question after sorting through all these will, of course, be: “You got any more?”

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