Be Huge

I was at drop-off this morning taking my kindergartner to school and another dad saw my Patagonia tarpon hat and asked if I fished. I told him I was more than a little into it and he asked me “Are you a huge fly fisherman?”

Of course, he was talking about Ben, who has been pounding out funny and informative videos for a while now. We talked about the videos a bit and I told him I had to once email Ben to apologize for not understanding his whole thing and having a wrong hot-take. I’ve since come around and look forward to seeing Ben’s sense of humor address many of the how-to’s and why’s of the fly fishing world.

Huge Fly Fisherman just hit 10K subscribers and he’s giving away an Orvis rod in celebration. I thought for sure it would be a line straightener, but, I guess a rod is more practical.

Here’s his video about the give-away. Just comment on the video (on Youtube, not here) and you’ll be entered to win.

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  1. I wad a Orvis Recon wad!

  2. Good! Now make that comment on HIS VIDEO!

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