Beautiful Bastards

Have you ever seen a lionfish?

They are really very beautiful. Their stripes and fluttering, venomous fins… they look like they belong to be on display.

They also belong in the Indo-Pacific, not in the Caribbean. Sadly, they are in both places. Now, it seems like they may even been in the deep Atlantic.

That’s not good for a couple of reasons. First, you can’t exactly get a bunch of divers out to cleanse the deep… 300 feet is not a practical depth to do that. Second, if you can get rid of lion fish on the reefs, but they still exist in large numbers just offshore, well, they’ll come back to the reefs.

This is going to be a long and nasty fight.

The only good Lion Fish… yup… a dead one.




  1. Lion fish ceviche!!!

    On my last trip to the Bahamas I spent a lot of time spear fishing. I became so frustrated with the number of lion fish that I went on a rampage. After spearing 30-40 of these bastards I made lion fish ceviche. It was quite good, but maybe that was because of the dash of “doing the lords work.”

    George Revel
    Revel’s Sporting Life

  2. Jonathan Winthrop

    Apparently they are very good eating, and a number of chefs are developing recipes, as they are for snakehead, another invasive species. Develop a public taste for these invaders, thus a market, then there will be an economic incentive to fish for them and hopefully make a dent in the population. See the article at this link:

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