Belikin… the Beer of Belize

Since I just mentioned Kalik, I thought I’d write a little bit about the other beer I associate with the Caribbean, Belikin, the Beer of Belize.

Mmmm... good.

I found this review of Belikin:

Belikin Lager tastes pretty much like most tropical beers: slightly sweet with very low hops flavor and a clean finish, making it a refreshing beer you can drink a lot of in the tropical heat.

Those Belikin bottles are heavy.  They weight more than any bottle of beer I’ve ever encountered.  The bottles are heavy, but don’t hold that much.  9.7 ounces, meaning you can put away quite a few. When my buddy Shane and I were down at El Pescador we put away enough for the bar tab to be over $300.


Belikin isn’t the kind of beer I’d drink if I were some place other than Belize. I am partial to Nut Brown Ales… Newcastle, Downtown Brown, 20″ Brown, Moose Drool.  However, I count myself lucky to drink a Belikin, because it means I’m in Belize and there is a prospect of a grand slam around the corner.

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  1. Drinking the local beers is, in my mind, part of the package: how can you go bonefishing on ‘Lootra or Acklins without Kalik?, or Turneffe without Belikan? In the moment, they’re thirst quenching, even tasty; when you get back home, well, they’re not Dogfish Head or Green Flash. A couple of years ago my wife & I were strolling around the little park near Marina Jack’s in Sarasota & came across O’Leary’s thatched roofed open air bar and they had Kalik! We drank a couple, but somehow they didn’t taste like the Bahamas. On the other hand, I’d rather be drinking Kalik on those blazing Bahamian flats. A great Breakfast Beer, by the way!

  2. Also makes a good “shower” beer when rinsing off the aromas of the flats. Pete

  3. When on atoll, 90 degrees, humidity at 80%, you’re right, not a bad beer. In all other conditions, Ugh!

  4. That’s why I drink the stout when I am there. Very tasty.

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