SOPA/PIPA and this Blog

So, a post about SOPA and PIPA on Bonefish on the Brain? What gives?

Well, I work and live in Silicon Valley and happen to be at a startup now. So, the topic comes up a lot in my daily life.

While I’m not really stealing a lot of IP, I do link to things like YouTube and Vimeo and I do actively look for stories from around the web. Now, I attribute the stories I find and I never post very much of it… I’m well, well within my rights under “Fair Use,” but SOPA/PIPA does make the world a little more scary for me and other bloggers around the web.

Here’s some information about how it all works.

We’ll be back to our normally scheduled Bonefishing fixation tomorrow.

On a related note, a friend is formatting a soon-to-be-released ebook that features fly fishing bloggers from around the web, some of whom you’ve probably heard of (like, well… me, Michael Gracie, Pete McDonald, Davin Ebanks, Bruce Smithhammer and more). The SOPA/PIPA issue is really close to that good friend, so as a way of saying thank-you, I wanted to highlight this issue.

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