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A piece you may be interested in at the Fly Paper Blog about the best tides for bonefishing.

In the ocean, the moon is at the controls. Pockmarks and all, the moon is the king. His subjects range from the smallest invertebrates to the largest fish and all the creatures in between.  


That’s some skinny water.

I am guessing that it is my overall low number of bonefishing days that has lead me to believe that there are plenty of flats where the tide may determine where the fish are going to be, but not really IF they are going to be there.  There do seem to be some flats where the fish are there all day, just in different places… up along the shore at high tide, further out on the flat at low tide.  There are certainly some places where the fish can’t feed at low or high tide.  I seldom have the option, when on my own, of going for the “right” tide, I have to go fishing when I get a chance to go fishing, tides be damned. I think Scott agrees, saying:

I am often asked what is the best tide profile to choose for a bonefish trip. The simple answer is, “The best tides happen when you can go.” 

I know a little bit about tides, but I could certainly be armed with more information. There is some good stuff in the article that aims to give that sort of info.  Read it.




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  1. Lawrence Snyder

    I agree. Still, some flats prove to be a puzzle as far as forecasting the presence of bonefish on a flat or their behavior in a particular type of flat. But yes, any time is a great time!

  2. Keep min mind that bonefish and permit will graze a flat like cattle feed on a pasture. When the food is gone they move on. That’s why at times you return to a productive flat on the same tide the next day and the fish will not be there. Thay have gone elsewhere, where there is food.

  3. Yeah, who ever gave them fins and a tail sure wasn’t being very cooperative!

  4. Yeah, who ever gave them fins and a tail sure wasn’t being very helpful!

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