EF Hutton talking tides

Aaron Adams is the bonefishing equivalent of EF Hutton from back in the day. So, when I saw that he was talking tides in Florida Fly Fishing Magazine, I had to highlight it.

At any given time, only 10% of the fishable water harbors bonefish.  So figuring out how to eliminate the fishless 90% from your search area is half the battle. Understanding how bonefish use tides to their advantage will go a long way toward finding the productive 10%.




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  1. Thanks…but, um…isn’t EF Hutton now defunct? I hope the same fate doesn’t await me.

  2. Ha… well… EF Hutton isn’t around any more and at some point, neither will you or I, but your work is really important and will outlive all of us (see how I turned that around there?).

    Thinking of Culebra for a family vacation. I was told I should ask you about it.

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