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A post on Unaccomplished Angler details a trip to Eleuthera.

Is it really better in the Bahamas? That is a hard question to answer as the frequency from “Mrs. Better in the Bahamas” didn’t seem to suggest that it was, but that is another part of the story all together.

via Unaccomplished Angler.

Looks pretty nice, I must say.

Eleuthera is one of those places that is known for DIY and also has a reputation for being a bit tough due to all the DIY pressure.  I had a good friend who fished it recommend that I never go there.  I know there have to be some uneducated fish there somewhere, but it has slid down on my list of places to get to.

Still… I think anywhere in the Bahamas is likely a place I’d like to be a bit more than San Jose (even if San Jose really is a pretty nice place to be).

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