My vice bites the dust

The thing really isn’t even that old… I think it is about three years old.  I don’t think it should be breaking at this point… but alas, it has.  I was putting a #2 in the jaws there and “snap.”


Yeah… it wasn’t a really expensive vice, but still… should probably last more than a couple-three years.  So… I’m in the market for a vice.  The price points are really, really varied…

If I wanted to break the bank I could spend $690 for one of these… A Master Swiss Vice.

Damn... that's a lot of scratch

I am probably just an ignorant fly tier as I can’t imagine what this can do for me to justify the price.  The truth is it probably can’t do anything for me, as I probably lack the skills needed to demand any Swiss tool beyond the army knife.

Michael Gracie has a more viable option for me…

That's $9.57

In truth, I’ll probably spend more than $9.57, but I’m not breaking the bank.  Andros is coming soon… going to have to get on this.

UPDATE: Through the generosity of strangers, I’ll be getting a lightly used Griffin vice.  Awesome.

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  1. Hmmm. I recall a discussion about the merits and or craziness of buying good rods, reels etc. (not a $600 tyer unit, perhaps. ). Pay once for the really good stuff. Double the price for the not so good. Oh, I forgot, “the fish don’t care” ….
    you might.

  2. Only a fool would spend more than ten bucks on a vise, and only a fool would build one for less. 😉

  3. My Regal’s spring gave finally gave out after 15+ years. I found a nice Griffin vise in the the bargain bin at Cabela’s. It works great and is and has the rotary feature that my Regal was lacking.

  4. I may just be a little foolish… especially if I have to send it in for repair.

  5. Yeah, this may be one of those instances where you actually get what you pay for… sadly.

  6. Hey Bjoorn, aftr tying on a Thompson A vise since I was a kid (I started tying flies when I was about 10), I upgraded to a danvise about 8 years ago. I love it but I keep thinking I could afford to buy a more expensive one. But I don’t need it. When the jaws on the danvise extension wear out I could buy another set for $27 or buy a fancy vise. Come to think of it, I do have a fancy Snowbe vise that has been sitting in the hunting and fishing command center for over a year. I got it for $100 from another gearhead who had too many vises. I tried it and went back to the danvise.

  7. Love my peak vise, made in the USA, about $150. Saltwater jaws are about $40, but the standard jaws can hold up to a size 1

  8. I also love my Peak rotary. Got it on craigslist for $75 and it was like new.

    Have tied up to 4/0 in the standard jaws without a problem.

  9. Vices, schmices… meeces, mices… wow, what was in my coffee today? Here’s the deal, a real fisherman buys or steals his flies (or bums them off friends) so he can have more time for fishing. 😉

  10. … so, with that in mind buy a nice vice and give it to a friend (who likes to tie but doesn’t get on the water much) with the understanding that he has to keep you in flies for at least a year as payment.

    Actually, I’ve tied on a bunch of vices–my current model is a Regal or something–but I’ll never buy another without a rotary option: essential for quickly/easily wrapping bonefish fly bodies.

  11. Yeah, but for those of us who don’t actually get to the water as often as we’d like, the tying is needed stuff… makes me feel like I’m almost fishing.

    I like tying. I’m not a details guy, for the most part, but I really enjoy tying, which is mostly about details.

  12. I know, bro. I feel the same and still tie all the flies for myself, my clients (when I have them), and those friends who wish to visit and fish but not tie a bunch of flies that may or may not work. I have to say, though, that is a major part of the fun for me–trying to get inside the minds of fish and the spirit of a place you’ve never seen–and wouldn’t trade that for anything.

  13. My vice is still kicking after about 4 years, not looking forward to it breaking either.

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