Make the Cast!!!

New blog I found thanks to Flatswalker.  He’s  fairly new to bonefishing and that is always fun to see people get hooked on it, as I have.

So many things to write about the past 5 weeks. Where to start? I went to Eleuthera with the idea of staying for 2 weeks. Ended up staying for 5!!

via Make the Cast!!!.

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  1. BonefishBjorn. Thanks for mentioning my wee blog on your site. You are right thatI am new to fly fishing in the salt. I have been flyfishing in freshwater for years but only recently have I made to move to salt. I have to admit that I think about bonefish,tarpon,permit much more than I think about bows,browns and cuts. I think that must be pretty common.
    Thanks again and keep up the good work on your site.

  2. You bet. The salt can be fairly addictive, as it turns out. Be well and get fishing!

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