Blog Birthday

Abaco Bonefish

Abaco Bonefish

The blog, this little thing I do, turns 7 today. I know perfectly when it has a birthday because it also happens to be my own birthday.

This last year has been dominated by the Bahamas regulation debate and has been a bit skinny in most other regards.

There is a lot more going on, both in bonefishing, and in my own life, than is reflected in the pages and posts of the blog, of course. There are bonefish caught around the globe from the Cook Islands to the Gulf of Yemen to the middle of the Indian Ocean and the Florida Keys. There are so many wonderful places and people to experience around the world of bonefishing and we’ve only just scratched the surface.

This next year we’ll hopefully meet a few more of these people and see a few more of these places.

We’ll also hopefully follow me back to the Keys as I look to finally land an adult Keys tarpon. If everything goes really well, we’ll also see me fish for bones (and maybe tarpon) in Mexico for the first time (family trip, but I’m hoping to grab a day).

I don’t have the kind of life where I can just go and fish all the time. Maybe those people exist, but it is a little harder to pull off if you have kids and a wife you’d like to stay married to and fishing isn’t your job.

And… fishing isn’t my job. It is something I love (need?) deeply and something that makes me feel alive. But it isn’t my job. It isn’t a responsibility. It is a joy and I hope to share some of that joy with you in in the blog’s 8th year.

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  1. Happy Birthday Bjorn and BOTB

  2. Happy Birthday Amigo & Congrats on your BOTB turning 7

  3. Speaking as someone who just caught their first ever bonefish today, you do a fantastic job communicating the passion you have for bones. Thanks for sharing that with all of us, and especially for keeping the fire burning inside all of us who don’t get to fish very often. Happy birthday!

  4. Congratulations – make sure she has a great day with dad.

  5. Congratulations, 7 is a great birthday to remember.

  6. Robert Cardello

    Love your blog!
    I turn 50 in a few weeks and my trip is booked to do what i love most in Abaco! Still married, but she is not happy:)

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