Things on my mind: Tarpon

This video kills me… that big, nasty, beautiful, wonderful school of good sized tarpon and the shot goes begging… which is pretty much true to form.

Yeah, I’m thinking about tarpon and about next May when I’m going to make it back to Florida and back down to the Keys for a few days of tarponing, which is to say a few days of dodging storms and failing to see fish and fishing hard and maybe, if I’m lucky, getting a follow.

Tarpon are just cool. No way around it.

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  1. Two things –

    First, the angler is not doing his job. The rod tip was not pointed at the fish and there was a ton of slack in his line. The guide even said “the fly is not moving” – even the second cast the angler had his rod pointed left and his fly line was to the right. Even if a poon would have eaten his fly, the fish would have spit it out before he had a chance to go tight with it.

    Second, the guide isn’t doing his job. The rod tip should be pointed at the fish and fly moving. I didn’t hear good guidance during that video – not saying that guide is bad, but for the 40 seconds I saw, both guys in the boat were not in sync which won’t get the job done.

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