Bonefish Leaders, Bruce Chard and Deneki

Some great stuff from Deneki’s Bonefish School, run by Bruce Chard.

A conversation with Bruce Chard at Andros South a couple weeks back got us thinking that there’s a really a lot to saltwater leader design and construction, so we asked Bruce to sit down and talk us through how and why he makes the leaders that he uses for bonefish.

via Bonefish Leaders | Design and Construction by Bruce Chard.

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  1. Thanks Bjorn. I thought Bruce’s walk-through was awesome. I learned a ton, lots of which is not at all specific to bonefishing.

  2. That was pure quality. It doesn’t work as well when you are in a place with a lot of turtle grass, like Belize, but I’ll be tying up some Chard leaders for the next time I’m bonefishing… whenever that might be.

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