The Black Tip Reef Shark hangs out in the Pacific and in the Indian Ocean and is one of those “in shore” species that means you might just run into one.

I like sharks… even if they do, from time to time, munch on the bonefish I so love.


They have a few of these at the California Academy of Sciences and while there aren’t any live bonefish in their exhibit, there are also no longer any tarpon… the Black Tips ate them one by one while the Museum slept (true story… they went from 3 to 0 over the span of about 5 months or so).

I recently saw a black tip at my place… the photo below was the only picture I managed to capture of it.

My little girl and I made the one on the left. Fred Gordon made the bonefish on the right.

I love being out there, on the flats, and seeing everything that lives there.  I love the crabs and the rays and the non-bonefish fish and I even love the sharks.

Next time you are out there and you see a shark.  Give it a hug.

Wait… I’ve been informed by legal that you should NOT hug a shark.  Still… appreciate what is out there.

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  1. Yes Horray for the sharks. I have stopped eating in resaurants that serve shark-fin soup. Horrendous practice. I would invite others to do the same, telling the restaurant why you won’t be eating there anymore.

  2. Yes, Very good idea (about the restaurants!). The blacktips are kind of cool. Saw lots at Christmas Island. Any idea how to hook one of these on a fly rod? On the flats they seem curious, yet spooky. FD

  3. I have not thrown at a blacktip yet, but I did try catching Lemons down in the Bahamas… they’d speed up on the fly, put their nose right on it, and not eat. Fun to watch though.

    I like the not eating in places that serve shark. CA just passed a sharkfin soup ban, which is kind of cool.

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