Reel Testing – The Vanquish Passes

The Lamson Vanquish has passed my reel testing regime with flying colors.

Here’s what I put it through.

20 high speed pulls at about 25 MPH on a mechanical drill.

A dunking in saltwater for 5 minutes. (then letting it dry, as is).

20 more high speed pulls.

A few shakes in a sand-filled bag.

20 more high speed pulls.

The Vanquish had no problems with any of that.  The drag is still as smooth as when I first got it (which is to say “very”).  No complaints on the mechanics of the reel at all.

A little sand bath

This isn’t to say I was 100% happy with the reel.  There was one little thing that I really didn’t dig… that was the handle.  The handle has all these little divots on it that I’m assuming are for grip, but end up making the thing a tad uncomfortable to reel in.

Mechanically wonderful, but I'm not a fan of this.

Maybe that’s just me though.  I can’t fault the reels performance, because it didn’t have any performance issues.

The Vanquish = Pass

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  1. kevin carmichael

    Cool…when you going to do Galvan? My own field testing has left me satisfied but I suspect it has been less strenuous than your test. (although longer duration)

  2. I’d love to do a Galvan… actually, they offered, I just have to get back in touch with them.

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