BTT has a blog… did you know that?

Well, look what I found!  The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust has a blog!  Who knew? I didn’t.  I went looking on their site to see what was new and I found the blog.  In the blog were a variety of stories.  At least one post lets me know Aaron has good taste, as we both found the same story (I think he found it first, but I didn’t know he had posted it up).  Others, like this story about fish movement, show that this blog might just be a fine place to glean some new info.

The conventional wisdom on bonefish has always been that they are homebodies – those fish you find on your favorite flat on the rising tide are the same fish day after day.  But until recently, this was never tested. The results of what has been learned, and we continue to learn, may surprise you.

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