My blog here is changing to be a self-hosted blog… that means I’ll have a little more control over things and can do things like offer advertising… in this case, I’m going to promote some of the people and companies that I like… BTT, Skinny Water Culture, Deneki, Off the Hook Fly Shop, etc.

Things will have a new look and you’ll see some new things.  Thanks for reading.

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  1. Ok, first, nice new look. Love the titles of stuff being so clear (like
    “Find Stuff” instead of Search and “Navigation” instead of Categories). So what does that mean, exactly, “self hosted”? Why couldn’t you offer advertising before? Also, how are you keeping your URL’s the same through this migration? I mean, you used to be or something, right? Are you doing some sort of redirect to keep incoming links from being broken? Sorry this is all tech-related boring crap. Good show, brother.

  2. bonefishbjorn

    Thanks man. So, self-hosted means it isn’t hosted by WordPress… the wordpress domain still works, but now it directs to the straight domain. The hosted blog had rules against running ads and you couldn’t do things like run Google Analytics or run any java scripts or any of the cool plug-ins that all sorts of people were developing. In truth, I’m a total novice at all this. I mentioned to a techie friend that maybe I’d migrate the blog at some point… he sort of ran with it and, ta da… new, self-hosted blog. It’s now run on non-wordpress servers and I can pretty do anything that I can figure out how to do. You’ll notice if you reload the home page there is a different header each time, that’s one of those things I couldn’t do otherwise. All the old links should direct through to the new domain… “should” being the key word, but it seems to be working at the moment. The old blog has 0 hits today, so, I think it’s working. Trying to work out the kinks.

  3. Sweet. So, I guess I’ve been doing the same thing all along. For a moment there I had a panic attack that I was (once again) behind the curve of technology. I’m fine now. Kudos on a smooth migration and we all thank you for taking the time to save all those comments (without which, it would look like no one ever read your blog: FALSE). I’m glad to see you’re stepping things up and it’s been a real joy to see something out there dedicated to bonefish that’s actually taking off.

  4. bonefishbjorn

    Thanks… really appreciate it. I’m having a good time with it all. Appreciate all your support and encouragement. Hope to fish with you one of these years.

  5. Nice work Bjorn – the new site looks fantastic. No kinks that I can see!

  6. bonefishbjorn

    Thanks Andrew. All the kinks are hidden, secret kinks… but, I’m working on it. Anytime you get your banner to me, I’ll start working on getting it up… 190×190. Cheers.

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