This is Fly… and it is.

The most recent issue of This is Fly is out and not only is it their longest yet, all full of fishy goodness, but it has two, COUNT ‘EM, TWO, stories on bonefish.

This, of course, meets with my approval.

The first story is about Coach Duff and those big, huge, massive, unreasonably large bones of the Aloha State.  You can find that story here.

Richard from Seattle with a 10.8 pound bonefish, caught with Coach Duff

The second story was by one of the guys behind This is Fly, Paris Fleezanis.  This story takes the TIF crew to Andros and Kamalame Cay.

This, I believe, is Paris from another TIF

Kamalame is a place that has shown up on Bones on the Brain before.

TIF, I salute you.  Keep putting out the good stuff.  They remain the leading edge of the e-zine revolution.  A lot was made of the fact that Catch Magazine came out on the same day, but they really are different fish, even if they are both fly fishing-centric.  TIF is for those who read the stories and Catch is for those that like the pictures more than the text (I like Catch, even saw some places I’ve fished in this recent episode).   TIF adds the crazy art… none of which I’d want in my home, in the homes of my friends, on the walls of my friends’ friends, but, ya know… different strokes.

To keep the paper still circulating, I recently subscribed to two magazines… physical magazines… Fly Fishing in Salt Waters and Fly Rod and Reel.  I’m doing my part… ya know, mostly.

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  1. I fished Oahu several years ago (early 2000’s, I think). It was fun as hell — all wade fishing and sight casting to big bones. The first fish I cast to was one of those double-digit monsters… and I TROUTED it!!!!! WTF & OMG & (much, much later) LOL. Next few fish were smallish, but still pushing the double digit mark. I’ll say one was about 7 and the other 9ish. Solid. We used 20-lb flouro, 3x strong #8 hooks, and sparkplug-like crab flies (which would be in the water about point-five seconds before getting hammered. Nice work if you can get it… oh yeah. I’ve got pics somewheres. Lemme know if you wanna see some. L8a.

  2. I fished Kauai in 2008 and it was the first time I ever saw a bonefish… I didn’t see one until the end of the week, after trying to find them for 5 or 6 days… I saw 7 fish in about 30 minutes and they were all massive… and they wanted nothing to do with me… basically, that 30 minutes is responsible for all this! They made an impression. Love to see those pics.

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