Chaos… with teeth.

I have to say… I’d like to hook one of these on a fly. Such amazing predators.

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  1. Hi Bjorn,

    Food for thought for anyone planning on targeting sharks on the fly would be to “NOT” tie your flies on stainless steel or nickle/zinc plated hooks. I prefer “de-barbed” Bronze hooks that are briefly “flashed” with a lighter before tying (burns off the corrosion protection coating…usually a varnish of some sort). If a person is really concerned about saving used/wet shark flies…they can just rinse and dry them at the end of the day along with the rest of their gear.

    Face it, effective flies for sharks need not be complicated ties and can often be nothing more than a bunch of maribou and webby saddle hackle butts. Leaving an inexpensive fly in a fish because removal would cause danger to the fish and/or the fisherperson should not be an issue. The Bronze hook will rust out in a matter of days once the salt water and the sharks built-in enzymes get to work on it.

    Sharks have great aim and can defend themselves quite well against careless anglers who underestimate their bite radius/range. Even a 2 or 3 foot Lemon or Blacktip shark can ruin not only your day…but your vacation.



  2. Eduardo Otero-Cossio

    I second what Henry said.

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