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OK… April is right around the corner… right? That’s my next trip. Grand Bahama, with a twist. This time I’ll be heading there with my family (grandparents, wife and child) for my daughter’s Spring Break.

I have to say I’m excited to get my girl out in that environment, to see the sharks and cudas and jacks and whatever else we might be able to see. I’m hoping to get her out for a little boat ride where she might be able to catch a snapper or something on a spinning rig (she’s going to be 6, so her double haul isn’t there yet). I want to show her a bit of the environment I love. My new wife got to see the flats and beauty of Belize for our honeymoon, so she knows what I see out there, but my little girl has just seen the pictures and heard the stories.

There will be beach combing and shopping and eating out and all the other family trip sorts of things, but I’ll be bringing the fly rods along and I hope to have my girl see her first bonefish and fell the pull of something salty.

Let the countdown begin.

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  1. What?…no countdown clock on your blog such as prior to your wedding/honeymoon in Belize?’

    Your last countdown matched day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute my personal countdown towards Retirement…I didn’t even have to set one myself because I just used yours!. Now you’re going to Grand Bahama’s in April…likely around the same time as I’m headed to Eleuthera Bahama’s.

    If you start a countdown clock again…well!…I’ll just use yours!…he he!!!


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