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I usually write the post the night before it goes up… last night I ended up in the ER with a little girl with a temp over 104.  Four hours later and I was back home, but I was also ready for bed.  The good news is that everything is well with the little girl.  I went to the “Draft” folder and found this… no pics, but a link to a good story.  Hope you enjoy the read.


The Seychelles look nice… I wanna go there… bad.

Following exhaustive research on a mutually satisfying destination, Meredith quite surprisingly one evening suggested that we look into the Seychelles. As an avid (not skilled, mind) salt water fly fisherman, I already knew that little research would be necessary and immediately attempted to procure a written agreement from her. I jest of course, but for those who don’t engage in piscatorial pursuits, the islands and their surrounding flats make for arguably the best and most species-diverse fly fishing in the world. It was agreed that this seemed a swell locale and I unbegrudgingly began the task of organizing the journey.

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Yeah… goodness.



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  1. I hope you snag this one from a good source. Quoted price from the Fly Shop is $6000 — euro.Which I think is about $8600 US. Not been there yet, but would suggest flying via Paris and having a swell weekend if you go. I’m rootin’ for you. I can imagine the reports and would look forward to them.

  2. There is very little about the Seychelles that would suck. I’d like to find out for myself… it is on the list.

  3. mine too

  4. The only thing that sucks about Sey is that it has been closed down to working stiffs like myself due to piracy. I’ve fished 2 of the Islands mentioned in the article – St Josephs and Poivre. Amazing amazing places. You can still get out there but you would need to base yourself on Desroches which will mean silly money. I’m pretty damn lucky though (and pretty damn exited) as in a week and I sail off to another ridiculous everyones bucket list bonefish flat. My brains actually doing backflips right now at the thought.

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