Christmas is coming…

And I wish I was going.

To Christmas Island that is.

Dear god man. That is an estimated 110 pound GT.

That fish is a Christmas fish found on the pages of Fly Water Travel.

The Fly Shop also books Christmas and they have a really nice travel catalog where they talk about that very place. Check it out.

A nice Xmas indeed.

This is the guy behind “Casting at Shadows,” a movie about fishing in Xmas that I don’t own, but would like to.

Christmas is the most prolific and active fishery in the South Pacific. There are other fisheries and some may even be better, but they are not as accessible, not as well known. Christmas is clearly the most legit out there.

I haven’t been, but it does seem in the realm of possibilities. The trips aren’t cheap, but they may be the most affordable place to get a shot at a GT.

Christmas… very nice.

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  1. Was there a month ago.

    That place ruined me.

    Wrote a report:

    Will be going back next year.


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