Christmas Looks Nice

I want to go to Xmas Island. Christmas is one of those places that has been on my list for a while. I am on the Pacific side of things and I’m supposed to be oriented out that way for my fun in the sun, right? I’ve thought about my 2016 trip being to Christmas. I may just begin the negotiation process here at home to make that happen.

If I go, I’d likely do it through a booking agent and stay at a lodge and go with guides. It is a long way to go to not be on the right flats. However, if you want to do it solo, it would appear that is an option as well.

It sounds to me like things aren’t that expensive once you get there, it is just that the getting there is kind of a hassle with an overnight in Honolulu. Could be worse!

Also… there are GTs. I’d very much like to break some gear on a GT.


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  1. I’m in the same boat amigo…have not done so to date only because of the friendliness of the Bahamas but based on recent events, my desire to expand horizons has increased exponentially…I think we somewhat run in the same circles and perhaps we could get a good crew together…

  2. Christmas Island has been on my list as well. Jay Murakoshi is putting together a trip next year. He brings a lot of experience (and very nice flies) on a trip like that.

  3. Oh…and since you have to overnight in Hawaii you can always stay an extra day or two and go chase some of the very big bonefish swimming around Oahu.

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