For the protection of the fish!

Our favorite Bahamian megalomaniac likes to imply (or outright state) that the proposed flats fishing regulations are NEEDED in part because the unguided anglers just kill so many fish (50% is a number he threw out in one conversation) due to poor handling.

Poor handling does kill fish. Mostly, it kills the fish by rendering them unable to flee from predators like cudas and sharks. It is a real thing and the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust has solid recommendations here.

So… how does the charge stand up that unguided anglers are killing the fish with their horrible handling and a solution is to restrict DIY fishing and force access through guides only?

Well… you should do a Google image search for “Bahamas bonefish” and see how many poor handling shots are either by guides or on guide boats.

Go ahead… I’ll wait here until you get back.


So... this is the solution?

So… this is the solution?


Yeah… I’m going to say that this might not be the solution.

Of course, there are Bahamian guides with an excellent handle on handling. There are also Unguided Anglers with a pretty good track record on this front as well.

So… let’s just call that whole line of argument what it is… utter bull crap.

While we are at it… anyone know who this guide is showing off his remarkable fish handling skillz with a client?

Um... isn't that they guy saying we are all doing it wrong?

Um… isn’t that they guy saying we are all doing it wrong?

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  1. Well, at least they aren’t hanging it from the Boga, full weight of the fish on the muscles, tendons and bones of jaw.

  2. I was reading this article/news.

    Any idea what there proposals are? I tried finding their website to learn more. I want to support them, but not until I know what their goals are.

    Any word about the Abaco Guides ?

    And as far Do it Yourselfers, we probably catch about 1/10th the amount of fish the guided boats do, so I am sure they have a bigger impact

  3. Oh, and excellent pictures.. sheesh talk about a bunch of crap!! No facts they are just saying anything to get their way.

  4. Here is the link to the Abaco Guide’s recommendations.

  5. Thanks! I recall reading that I wasn’t sure if the new article on moldy chum meant they had new proposals or something. Hard to keep up with all the different pieces on this issue.

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