Well… what did I find in the mail today?  Connect.  Yeah… THAT Connect.

Here’s what I think…

It is all kinds of awesome.

Now, that said, Mr. Bonefish got a little pushed to the side in favor of Tarpon and Permit and Tiger Fish and Trout and Stripers… but, ya know… it was still kind of awesome.

I’d love to see this treatment for the Bonefish meccas. Xmas, Keys, Hawaii, Seychelles, Bahamas, Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, Venezuela.   There is a lot of meat there.


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  1. Martin Carranza

    Bonefish are for machos, Tarpon are for pussies

  2. Good Comment Martin! I went out and hooked two bonefish yesterday, landed one, and feeling really macho today. Joaquin’s clients yesterday manged to break off the bonefish they hooked, alas! But they came back feeling very macho!
    Tightlines, Louie

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