Jul 17

Micro Film Competition – BTT + Nautilus


One minutes. That’s all you need to put together for the Micro Film Competition with BTT and Nautilus. Here are the details:

Nautilus Reels Micro-Film Contest

For Immediate Release

July 7, 2017 

Mark Rehbein
Director of Development, BTT

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust is pleased to partner with Nautilus Reels to host the Nautilus Reels Micro-Film Contest, open to professional and amateur filmmakers. We encourage anglers of all ages and experience levels to submit their best micro-films telling stories from the world of fishing and conservation. The top videos, selected by BTT and Nautilus staff, will be played and voted on during the Nautilus Reels Art + Micro-Film Festival on Friday, November 10th at Bonefish & Tarpon Trust’s 6th International Science Symposium in Weston, Florida.

Each winner will receive a *Nautilus reel* along with other prizes.


1) Two Divisions: Amateur and Pro (anyone who has submitted videos to one of the film tours, is sponsored, or anyone defined as such by staff). 

2) Suggested Themes:

A. Conservation: What does BTT mean to you?
B. “I’d rather be bonefishing”: Open to all species and habitats – what do you fish for when you can’t stalk bonefish on the flats?
C. The Rookie: Fishing with the next generation.

3) Videos must be no longer than one minute. Each contestant can submit only one video.

4) To be eligible, the contestant *MUST* post his or her video to Instagram, tag Nautilus Reels and Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, and use the hashtag: #BTTSymposium

The filmmaker whose micro-film receives the most likes on Instagram between July 7, 2017 and November 10, 2017 will win a limited edition BTT Simms Headwaters Tackle Bag.

Submit your video to BTT Director of Development Mark Rehbein: mark@bonefishtarpontrust.org

May 17


Interesting, fun, looking project coming out of Guadeloupe. Here’s the trailer.

Oct 11


Well… what did I find in the mail today?  Connect.  Yeah… THAT Connect.

Here’s what I think…

It is all kinds of awesome.

Now, that said, Mr. Bonefish got a little pushed to the side in favor of Tarpon and Permit and Tiger Fish and Trout and Stripers… but, ya know… it was still kind of awesome.

I’d love to see this treatment for the Bonefish meccas. Xmas, Keys, Hawaii, Seychelles, Bahamas, Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, Venezuela.   There is a lot of meat there.


Oct 11

So… Christmas Island looks kind of super awesome…

Yeah… I wouldn’t mind going here at some point.  Ya know.  Just for giggles.

Fantastic looking teaser for the video.  I’ll be on the look-out for this.

Casting at Shadows.

Aug 11

Motivefishing goes to Mexico – movie results

Best Humor and Film of the Year from the Drake film contest, not a bad set of awards.  Here it is.


Aug 11

I like awesomeness. How bout you?

I know, I put up a video from Will Benson juuuuuuusssst the other day.  Thing is, I have to post this one too.  I have to post this because it is a whole bunch of awesome.

Props to Will for tagging both the permit and the bonefish.

Now, I managed to get a grand slam down in Belize. However, this now looks like a very, very minor accomplishment compared to Will doing it 1. all by myself, and 2. catching it all on film, and 3. putting it together in a kind of awesome video.

Mad, crazy props to Will at World Angling.

When I was first looking at catching a bonefish in Grand Bahama, I actually got to talk to either Will or Dave from World Angling before my trip.  Whoever I talked to had some ideas for me, suggested the guide I used.  I had no idea at the time they possessed the mad, crazy skills they do.

Aug 11

World Angling Media and Permit

OK, I usually stick pretty tight to bonefish… this is a bonefishing blog, after all.  Still, I just saw this over at This is Fly Daily. I like it.  A lot. Beautifully shot and a conservation message.  Yeah. That’s pretty much my bag.

Well done.