My SF Bay fishing has been… off. Don’t know why. I don’t claim to understand the habits, patterns or ways of the stripers that sometimes, in theory, are in these waters.

This morning I did a little dawn patrol fishing. Falling tide, not much wind, a few people out. Pelicans were out, which seemed a good sign.

No love though… just casting and retrieving and repeating the whole thing. Just when I figured there were no fish in the whole bay there was a splash just 50 feet away.

Now, here in the Bay, if you see a splash it is one of two things… a halibut or a ray. I figured it was probably a halibut and the first cast I put in was grabbed immediately.

Very kind of the fish to show me where it was. Down right cooperative.


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  1. Can you eat flounder in season from SF BAY?

  2. bonefishbjorn

    Maybe? I’m not eating anything from the Bay. Lots of heavy metals in the Bay from the Gold Rush days. That one wasn’t a keeper anyway, so, no loss.

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