Corsetti Bonefish

Well done, I’d say. This is a great way to capture that bonefish for posterity. Corsetti bonefish art.

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  1. That guy is good. I may have to talk to him about doing something for the boat company. I am not sure about the trout vest.

  2. Yeah, the trout vest is different, and I’m not sure what that guy is doing with his line hand, but it is still really, really nice.

  3. Hawaii is on my list of do’s as well.

  4. Thats funny, but that is what happens when a boy grown up in the rockies on trout decides to tackle the flats, now I am addicted to the bone! Had several bad habits I had to over come worst one was raising my rod to set the hook, but still lucked into a few. thanks for watching.

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