Crystal Flash Shrimp

I saw this and I have to say, I think it looks both good and pretty easy. I’m wondering if this is going to swim point up or down. I use a lot of UV cure stuff (Sorry MT, I use mostly the Loon stuff). I tend to use it on the back of the fly and see it as a keel. It is heavier than water and should add a little weight to the fly, so if you load that side of the fly with this stuff, shouldn’t it be on the bottom?

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  1. Pretty sweet. Speaking of UV cures, I started using Clear Cure Goo to make mono eyes. It’s much better than the old “melted eyes” method. Have you seen this? –

  2. Bjorn,
    I agree with you that those epoxy backed shrimp patterns should ride hook up (and if that’s true, most of them are being tied upside down, i.e. the legs will be sticking up like a dead cockroach). I haven’t actually tested that theory because I don’t like hard bodied flies. I do know that two-part Devcon epoxy, all cure rates, are more dense than water and sink like a stone. I suppose one could froth up a batch with enough air bubbles to get it to float if you really tried.

  3. OK, I tested one of these (using a UV technique similar to the vid) and it descended hook point first. The Loon goop on the shrimp’s back may heavier than water, but the hook proved heavier and kept the shrimp upright and looking natural in its descent.

  4. Awesome. Thanks for doing that. Very good to know. Now I’ll tie some of those up.

  5. I forgive you. (*sniff*)

  6. This is by far one of the most realistic looking shrimp patterns I’ve seen in a while, but of course, what looks good to my eyes may look like dog poo to Mr. Bone. I skipped the hard-as-nails coat (seems unnecessary since the Loon goop is pretty tough stuff) and even substituted a little tan craft fur on top. Gee, looks so good I think I’ll fry up a few of these tonight….

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