Culebra 2010 – A search for Bonefish

Plans are coming together, plots are being hatched, arrangements are being made.

I’m sketching my next bonefishing trip out to a most unlikely spot… Puerto Rico.  Specifically, I’m looking at the PR island of Culebra.

After talking with Chris Goldmark about the fishing, the fishery and the gillnets, I really want to come down, see the sights, experience the fishery and see if I can’t help shed some light and spread the word about this “other” US bonefish fishery.

My target time-frame is in the Fall… which creates some issues with weather, but is also my window of potential opportunity.

There is camping on Culebra for about $20 a day, which sounds pretty good to me.  It isn’t Andros and it isn’t Christmas Island, but it should be a fairly interesting trip, if it all comes off.

Still lots of i’s to dot, t’s to cross.

Always fun to plan a trip… even if I don’t end up taking it.

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  1. I’m going in January, but scouting out the areas. Any luck on your trip?

  2. I ended up in Belize instead… Couldn’t get the flights I needed… Have not had a chance to get to PR yet, but want to.

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