I got the shot, but it seems I may have the flu. This, of course, does not make me happy. Before you go and tell me that the flu shot gives you the flu, let me just tell you that my Dr. wife does not put up with such utter nonsense, and neither to do I.

Tonight I did have a little treat. An old (maybe) acquaintance called up to ask for advice on where he and his friend should go on their next trip. There is very little I like more than talking about bonefish (actually fishing and one other activity surpass this). I may have overwhelmed him a bit, but after about an hour, I think he narrowed down to couple of solid options.

So, at least I had that bit of joy as I sit her on my butt on the couch with some advil, vitamin C and Zinc.  Here’s the secret about being married to a doctor. There is no magic cure and they  know it so there is just way less sympathy (she did make me chicken noodle soup though).


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  1. kevin carmichael a kid my father (a doctor) would always say “Its just a bruise” till the x-rays showed the fracture. Now I guess I do the same to my kids….”you are still going to school”.

  2. Hi Bjorn,

    Did you know the cure for a bad cold or the flu in the Bahama’s is “Souce” a hot and spicy broth that’ll clear your head and sinuses in no time and tastes great to boot.


    “Souse is anything boiled down in the juice of fresh limes, lemons or sour oranges. Other ingredients are diced celery, carrot, potato, sliced onions, green peppers, black pepper, Bahamian red peppers and a touch of garlic.

    A popular souse is based on parts of the pig-the ear, knuckles, head, tongue , snout, even the tail. Chicken souse is another favorite as well as fish, conch, turkey & beef souses. Souse makes a light, vitamin-and-protein lunch. It is the ideal energy replacement in a tropical climate.”

    I think you should go there right now and get better. Should take about a week or so.

    Get well soon,


  3. That sounds like a good idea.

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