Crab Shack

The flu is still with me and I hope that explains why I’ve been a little slow on the postings this week.

I got a package in the mail yesterday. It was mostly destroyed and it came in a plastic bag from the USPS with a note saying “whoa, totally sorry about destroying your package.” I paraphrased. Inside the ravaged package was a box from Cliff Outdoors and the box was, somehow, totally unharmed. Awesome.

The box was given to me (thanks Cliff) to fill up with my flies and give away to you good people.

With my brain full of flu, I put in the box what I think would be most useful.

My selection of Vics.

My selection of Vics.

I may think better of this in the morning. Stay tuned. I need to fill up the box and then figure out a good way to decide who to give this to.

Why a Cliff Box? Well, that is what I use myself.  Typically, I bring two boxes out, both Cliff Bugger Barns and any pack I take out needs to fit those two boxes, which are a little longer than most others and certainly longer than this Crab Shack. I like the boxes. They hold the flies well and it is easy to get the flies in and out. I also like that those boxes are made in Wyoming and not China.

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  1. As much as I’d love a free box, I already have 2 of those and 2 of the big boxes from Cliffs. Give to some other lucky person. A box filled with flies you’ve tied is going to be a great prize for someone.

  2. Hope you’re going to wipe it down with one of those hand sanitizer rags

  3. That might be a good call.

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