Defamation Shmefamation

Some good news for folks who like blogs and/or Constitutional Rights (specifically, here, I’m talking about the 1st).

An odd scene has been playing out here in California where an outdoor writer (Tom Stienstra) sued a blogger (The Trout Underground) for inconveniently reporting about his arrest, years ago. He claimed defamation and wanted the court to make the Underground pay him $10K.

Well… it didn’t work. The court ruled against him. It wasn’t the clear cut victory for Free Speech one might hope for since the court basically said Stienstra had overlooked the statute of limitations and so didn’t have standing.

Go to the Underground to see all the details.

I’ve long been a fan of the Trout Underground. He writes about my home waters and the people I know and respect.

Thanks Tom Chandler (The Trout Underground) for fighting the good fight.


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