The Worst Products

The Headhunter (my dad fished out of the Headhunter last summer and had a great day, by the way) posted a question about the worst products out there. There were lots of good replies.

There are some goodies on the list. One of my favorites is the line straightener. This is a little do-dad that hangs off your vest and you run it down the leader to straighten it.

It’s a bad idea. Heat weakens tippet. The line straightener is heating your tippet.



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  1. I was just looking at those Simms Sun Sleeves yesterday on a website thinking “those are the dumbest things I have ever seen!” I could only imagine what a guide would say in his head seeing their client wearing something so asinine. If only a company would invent a shirt with sleeves that would go all the way down to the wrist and could be rolled up if they wanted them to be…oh wait.

  2. Nate those sleeves worn with a short sleeve shirt are an assload cooler than a long sleeve shirt. They were invented for marathon running…

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