Deneki – Be a good boat buddy

A great piece from Deneki about being a “good boat buddy.”

The first tip:

Mind the line.  This is the traditional role of the Boat Buddy.  The angler on the bow strips line into a pile in the boat.  You make sure the pile is tidy, not coiled on itself, and definitely not hooked around stray sandals or extra gas tanks or the butt of the ‘cuda rod.  The corollary to this rule is that you should keep that area on the deck of the boat clear of stuff that the line could get tangled on.

That is a critical role when you are on the boat together. My buddy Shane was really very, very good at that and maybe the best boat buddy I’ve had.  It helps that he’s a drift boat guide and is super mindful of what is going on and what needs doing when someone is on point.

Do you have other boat buddy tips to offer?

Shane... waiting.

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  1. Having never been in a guides boat (but hoping/planning to some day) this is all really great information. Do these same basic rules apply to drifting a steelhead river?

  2. I have a couple of tips: 1) the ‘buddy’ can also be aware of any snags that will jump up and grab the line, eg the extra rod tip/handle/reel. Have him check. Often.
    2) have himlook at the wet towel you place over any exposed cleats, bow rings, etc on some old boats .(you know, it keeps the line from snagging) to make sure it hasn’t come off 5) look away when he screws up a fish and loses it via /trout tip strikes/ or hits the tailing fishes on the head 6) say ” good cast” a lot 6 )don’t let him drink your beer 7) make sure you get more time up front

  3. Mark, A steelhead river is different… you can have two guys fishing at once, so there is less of the teamwork associated with a flats boat.

    John, it is really important to fish with someone better than you are, so you get more time on the bow… with Shane, that was easy. He sees a fish, he catches the fish, he sits down. That way I get LOTS of time up front and he gets many, many opportunities to be helpful.

  4. Share the bow – back casting is not my best or most accurate cast. This is a no brainer but recently became a problem. New boat buddy apply here.

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