I was checking out the DIY Flats Fishing site and saw their travel checklist.

You probably have your own checklist.

Mine is not written down, but probably should be.  One of the things I put on my checklist that might be surprising is Desitin. If you are a new parent, you are probably familiar with it.  It is used to treat diaper rash on little kids.

No. I don’t wear diapers.

I have, however, been in tropical places, and had my thighs chaff to the point where I could barely walk. Enter Desitin.

It’s mission critical.  That and some of the waterproof medical tape they have out now.  Really good stuff and excellent to keep your line burns either from happening in the first place or to protect them after you get them.

What’s on your checklist?

Get the heavy cream. That's the stuff you need.

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  1. Dr Scholls anti-friction foot on stick. Totally agree on the Destin. My ten months old soft and tenders are covered with Dr Boudreaux’s Butt Paste.


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  2. The Desitin is always in my travel bag. Relieves all kinds of chafing! Great stuff! I also keep the waterproof med-tape (super sticky kind) in my fishing hip pack at all times. Great advice!

  3. could not agree more Bjorn, have you ever tried rash guard shorts? some of the surfing websites sell them.

  4. Have not tried those… sound interesting though.

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