Dewy didn’t win and we haven’t either

We have not won. Notice how we haven’t seen a new written proposal? Notice how the main instigators have gone a bit radio-silent? The intent is still there and what is getting out does not seem to be good.

Despite some assurances coming from unnamed sources in the government that DIY isn’t dead, what isn’t being said is that it might be seriously curtailed. It is seen as a compromise to merely ban DIY from certain Islands or to limit it to certain specified areas. Places like Long Island, Acklins and Mayaguana might be either totally off-limits to non-guided fishing, or may have those DIY boxes that sound like a good way to discourage anglers from going there. Which Islands are being targeted is not clear, but Long and Acklins have been mentioned several times by he-who-must-not-be-named, so they seem shoe-ins for inclusions.

DIY could also be on-foot only, meaning no SUPs or Kayaks (or even being dropped off). There still very well could be no non-guided boats and no non-Bahamian registered boats.

The folks pushing this seem to have gotten a little smarter and are keeping fairly quiet about what they actually want to do. They’ve seen that when their intentions hit the light of day all Hell breaks loose and I doubt the Minister likes all Hell breaking loose. Things are still leaking out, however, and some of those leaks are finding their way to me and I’m telling you.

I think they are just waiting for us to tire, to be distracted by the next shinny trinket (SQUIRREL!). Seems a smart play on their part. We can’t let up, even though it is easy to tire.

We have to keep up the pressure and focus our efforts on the Minister of Tourism, who has some say in what happens to this thing in the Cabinet. Send your emails about what you think these regulations will do to the Bahamas and what these regulations will do to your own travel to the Bahamas to The Hon. Obediah H. Wilchcombe (

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  1. The silence is a bit loud isn’t it. I haven’t given up yet. We need to keep the pressure on. Every email I send seems to get sent to 13 other people I don’t know.
    And some interesting responses, not all that friendly even though my emails are very polite overall.

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