Sep 11

EF Hutton talking tides

Aaron Adams is the bonefishing equivalent of EF Hutton from back in the day. So, when I saw that he was talking tides in Florida Fly Fishing Magazine, I had to highlight it.

At any given time, only 10% of the fishable water harbors bonefish.  So figuring out how to eliminate the fishless 90% from your search area is half the battle. Understanding how bonefish use tides to their advantage will go a long way toward finding the productive 10%.




Feb 10

Big Ugly from Florida Fly Fishing Magazine

Well, FFFW is coming out with some really interesting stuff.  Just recently they introduced a new fly tying column and the fly the selected was the Big Ugly, created by Bonefish and Tarpon Trust Guru, Aaron Adams.  Great stuff.

You can even buy these flies from Dr. Adam’s site.

Feb 10

Floriday Fly Fishing Magazine – FWC Bonefish Opinion

Florida Fly Fishing Magazine has some thoughts about the Florida Fish & Wildlife Comission’s decision to grant “Saltwater Game Fish” status to the Bonefish.

Half-way Measures are a Disservice to Bonefish, Sports Anglers

That should give you some idea about how they feel.  Read their opinion piece here.